Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Handy Line outdoors and indoors?

The Handy Line is designed for outdoor and indoor use and is ideal for caravans and holiday homes.

Can the Handy Line be folded away when not in use, and if so, how?

The Handy Line folds away flat for easy storage. It can be stored behind a door, on a wall and in many other small spaces. It can also be stored in many vehicles for use on your trips. Refer to usage instructions.

Can the Handy Line handle the extreme conditions we experience in Broome?

The Handy Line is built to handle tough weather conditions. It is designed for durability – every nut, bolt and washer is stainless steel, the main bar, cross bars and legs are powder coated (oven treatment) aluminium and the clothesline is pvc covered plaited fiber (not plastic coated wire) making the product weather and rust proof. The patent holder, Patricia Roberts, is still using the original prototype which is now over 16 years old and left out in the weather all year round, proving its quality and durability. The Handy Line is also used by people who travel and camp.

How much line capacity does the Handy Line offer?

It can handle a full load of washing including large items like bedsheets. The large line offers 16 metres of usable line space, the small line 10 metres. The lines are well spaced to reduce clothes being too close together which speeds the drying process. Refer to Product Details to learn more.

How will the Handy Line help me improve power consumption?

The Handy Line will effectively and efficiently deliver an environmentally friendly solution that will reduce your power bills as well as reduce the carbon footprint of your household.

Is it possible to re-tension the lines?

Yes, this can be easily done by undoing the knot at the end gently pushing down progressively towards the knot and re-tie.

Is the Handy Line heavy?

Being powder coated aluminium the Handy Lines are lightweight and easy to use. The Handy Lines range from 3.2 to 3.8 kilo.

The weather here in Hobart is damp much of the year. Would the Handy Line be of much use?

During cool and wet weather the Handy Line can be used indoors to capitalize on indoor heating, and your washing is dry by morning. By using the Handy Line, customers can reduce or eliminate the use of an electric dryer resulting in huge savings on energy bills and clothing lasts longer.

Where can I buy the Handy Line?

The Handy Line is only available direct from us via this store or by FREECALL 1800 111 811. You can use our simple and secure online ordering service to purchase your pre-assembled Handy Line and have it delivered to your door.

Will the Handy Line blow over in windy conditions?

On breezy wash days the the Handy Line is stable, if big windy conditions prevail use the anchoring strap provided.

Still have questions?

Please feel free to send us any suggestions or queries not covered in our FAQs.