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Save your Home Buy a Portable Clothesline

Save your Home Buy a Portable clothesline

Ahead of Australia’s fire season, the NSW Rural Fire Service have sent out a warning about one of the biggest causes of a household fire. Tumble Dryers. Simple, buy yourself a portable clothesline and save more than your house  – Save your family.

Long story short: clean out the lint in your tumble dryer, folks. Better still don’t buy one – buy a portable clothesline instead. A portable clothesline will save energy costs too. Which means you will save money. But it’s not always about the money, your safety is more important.

The Rural Fire Service are calling on all Australians to clean out their lint after every load, claiming it’s one of the top ten reasons a person’s house, unit or apartment might go up in flames. We are not being alarmist – tumble drying is not just dangerous it’s expensive too. A portable clothesline saves energy and therefore your power bills are lower. Simple you save money using a portable clothesline. To drive the point home, the warning was accompanied by a picture of a fire inside someone’s combination washing/drying machine.This is why we keep the lint trap clean on the dryer. This is one of the top 10 causes for house fires,” the NSW RFS posted on social media.


QUESTION: If you must use a tumble dryer – How often do you clean out the lint trap?

ANSWER: Clean after every load!

It’s a problem that hasn’t changed much over the years. Nine years ago a survey found that nearly a third of Australians risk household fires by not emptying the lint filter on their clothes dryer with every use. Appliance website About.com warns about the dangers of not cleaning lint filters. “When your lint filter becomes plugged, it restricts the outflow of heated air, which can cause your dryer to become overheated,” the website says. “This can increase the risk of fire starting in your dryer.”

The Rural Fire Service warning is especially timely given Australia is just a year out of its Black Summer fires, which devastated thousands of Australians this time last year.

Portable clothesline

Younger members of Aussie households are again outed as the laziest when it comes to cleaning out dryer lint filters, sparking home fire fears.Nearly a third of Australians risk household fires by not emptying the lint filter on their clothes dryer with every use, another consumer survey shows.And another survey has found Baby Boomers are most likely check the lint filter, but subsequent generations are progressively more casual.It found 76 per cent of boomers made sure the filter was clean, as did 69 per cent of Gen X respondents, but only 45 per cent of Gen Y stirred themselves to empty out the filter.

The Canstar Blue* survey showed 45 per cent of owners considered becoming greener by giving up their clothes dryer because of its high-energy use. This is why Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Lines have sold tens of thousands of our portable clotheslines over the past 25 years,

The other major gripes about clothes dryers were running costs, lint on clothes and the difficulty of removing lint filters. Some also thought dryers took too long, while others complained that, despite advertising claims, dryers did not sense when clothes are dry.

* Canstar Blue is an initiative of Canstar Cannex which commissions Colmar Brunton every few months to survey 2500 Australians for customer satisfaction across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction.

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