portable folding clothesline.

Camping with a portable folding clothesline

Go Camping with your portable folding clothesline.

Now’s the best time of year to go camping!

Summer is over in the Outback so don’t forget to take your Mrs Pegg’s portable folding clothesline on your travels. Here are some amazing tips to get your clothes clean while camping.

Having to wash your clothes while camping is not as hard as you think. Take your pick of our top ways to refresh your wardrobe in the outback while drying with a portable folding clothesline.

The most fun part of camping is getting down and dirty. So, instead of piling your muddy and messy clothes in the corner of your tent, only to stink up your campsite, put some soap and water to good use.

These are the top ways to wash your clothes while camping, from taking the easy way out to purchasing a product made just for this purpose like a portable folding clothesline for drying.

Use your campfire!

Your campfire can be used as a washing machine. Wood ash is a natural detergent, and much like how people wash their dirty pots and pans with fire, you can also wash your clothing.

Though it might be a bit risky for first timers, it works like a charm. As one of the best ways to wash your clothes while camping, using your campfire is not as dangerous as you think. Just be sure to use caution when trying this for the first few times, and we would recommend washing only the clothing you wouldn’t mind losing or ruining.

First, you will get small bits of the wood ash, and mix it with warm water. This will make a grey paste that is not yet soapy. To make this reaction, you will need to add a drop of oil. You will then apply the now soapy paste to the dirty area of your clothing and leave the paste on the material for a couple minutes.

Finally, you will rub and rinse the paste off. This is typically used on stains that might be hard to get out if left alone for a few days, and not often used to clean an entire load of laundry.

Clean your clothes in a garbage bag.

Though this might not seem sanitary from the start, a clean, strong garbage bag will be your best friend while camping.

A quick and easy trick to wash your clothes while camping is to bring along a sturdy garbage bag, along with some soap and water: three tools that will allow you to clean your clothing effortlessly, no matter how much laundry piles up.

Simply fill the bag with your clothing, and then add the soap and water, only partially filling the bag. You will act the part of the washing machine here, and jostle the bag around, as if mimicking a spin cycle. Once you are satisfied with your “spinning” or shaking you will empty the bag of its contents.

And finally, rinse your clothing of the soap, and hang your items to dry on your portable folding clothesline.

This is one of the best DIY camping hacks.

Hand wash your laundry.

We know you didn’t want to hear this way to wash your clothes while camping, but hand washing is one of the easiest, fool-proof ways to ensure clean clothing, with a little extra elbow grease.

So instead of always relying on staying at a campsite or caravan park that provides washing facilities, bring with you the products necessary for hand-washing your laundry.

We know that it’s very easy to get messy while camping, so being able to simply take those muddy jeans and wash the stains out right away is definitely something you’re going to want while camping for a few days, or just a single night.

You will need to take plastic washing bowls, some detergent, and water. You will warm the water up in a kettle, and add the detergent directly to the dirty clothes in the bowl. Then, scrub away, and you’re sure to have clean, good as new clothing in minutes.

Some of the best products allow you to wash your clothes and easily collapse the bowls into a more compact and portable accessory for easy traveling.

Believe it or not, there is a product on the market that is made specifically to help you wash your clothes while camping. Called the Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag, the product is compact and easy to travel with, and even easier to use. The Scrubba Wash Bag is a success story from the 2015 season of Australian network 10’s Shark Tank and is a Melbourne based company that exists to make travel easier.

First, you will add water, cleaning liquid, and your clothes to the appropriate mark on your bag. Then, you will press out the air, and roll the opening tightly about four or five times, and clip. You will twist the valve on the side of the bag open, to release the unneeded air inside. Rub your clothes against the internal washboard for about 30 seconds. Dump out the dirty water, and add clean water.

Then, shake the contents of the laundry bag to rinse, and dump out the water once again. Your clothes will now be clean, and ready to wring out and hand to dry.Sounds easy, doesn’t it? The product is made to wash your clothing no matter your whereabouts, and is perfect for traveling and camping. Plus, it’s completely eco-friendly.

Which detergent do I choose?

You don’t want to choose a washing detergent that will be harmful to the environment if you’re dumping your dirty water right into nature. Don’t be that person! Instead, be aware of the tons of brands that provide detergents that are eco-friendly. And to find these, simply discover the detergents that say they are suitable for septic tanks, and of course be sure to pour your water away from a stream or watercourse, about 200 feet to be safe.

The best way to dry while on the Road

Our last tip to wash your clothes while camping has to do with drying your clothes. A simple way to take advantage of the nature around you, bring your own portable folding clothesline. Just be sure to clean it up once you’re done with your stay.

If the old-fashioned route isn’t your style, then there is always our portable folding clothesline that can be easily thrown in the boot of your car. If you’re looking to dry your washing on the road a Mrs. Pegg’s  portbale folding clothesline will be perfect.

Adding to the collection of the Handy Line Classic models the Classic Easy 8 is just perfect for people who love camping and caravanning. Pop it in the caravan or into the 4WD and your away. Your clothes, towels, sheets and quilts will be perfectly dry throughout your travels.

A Mrs. Pegg’s Handy line is light weight, ultra-strong and easy to carry plus it folds flat for easy storage. That’s why our Australian designed Indoor/Outdoor portable clotheslines can withstand Australian harshest conditions.

In fact, people say it is Australia’s favourite portable clothesline.

When you have finished your travels and returned home, take out your Handy Line fold out the legs and it is ready for use at home. The Classic Easy 8 has also been designed for apartment living, complying with balcony balustrade height requirements. This allows for outdoor drying where a balcony is the only outdoor drying option.

There’s just so many good reasons to use a portable folding clothesline to dry your clothes and sheets. Check out or reviews on Facebook!

The Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are available in two models. The Deluxe and the Classic – plus the all new Easy 8 and all folding clotheslines come with a two-year warranty.

If you would like to know more about Australia’s favourite portable folding clothesline clothesline, our friendly staff will be delighted to speak to you on 1800 111 811 or you can order securely online by clicking HERE