Portable clothesline

Caring for clothes with a portable clothesline.

Caring for clothes with a portable clothesline during COVID-19.

First and foremost, please use our portable clothesline to dry your washing in the sun as an extra precaution.

You may have been wondering how long the COVID-19 coronavirus may stay on your various garments. After all, clothing is what typically keeps many of your body parts away from everything else.

The virus needs some moisture to survive. Without it, the virus can quickly dry up and no longer be viable. So, should you assume that the virus may survive on your clothes for up to 24 hours. As soon as you get home from a public space if you have concerns throw your clothes over our portable clothesline and place in the sun.

Keep in mind that clothes aren’t necessarily all fabric. They may have metal or plastic parts like buttons or clasps. That’s certainly the case if your clothes have giant plastic windows on them. In theory, the virus could survive longer on less absorbent portions of your clothes.

Then there’s the question of what may happen if your clothes get and stay wet.

Contamination could occur if either someone who is contagious or a contaminated object touches your clothes. A contagious person coughing, sneezing, or panting close enough to your clothes could also put your clothes at risk. This may be an issue if you are someone who regularly comes into contact with people with COVID-19, such as a caretaker or a health care professional.

When taking off your clothes, try not to touch your face or contaminate other things with the clothes.  Place your clothes in a safe location where they can’t potentially contaminate other things.

Be sure to disinfect or safely dispose of anything the laundry may have in turn contaminated. If this happens to be your booty, take a shower instead. Do not put chemical disinfectants that are meant for objects on or in your body in any way.

Once the suspect clothes are in the washing machine, set the water temperature to the warmest that the clothes can handle. Use appropriate amounts of laundry detergent. Otherwise, you are simply wetting and spinning your clothes, sort of like putting them on a merry-go-round in the rain. Laundry detergent should be able to disrupt the virus’s structure, so it should be fine to wash other clothes with the potentially contaminated ones. Once the washing is done, dry your clothes completely, which can serve as an additional way of disrupting the virus.

How to stop clothes spreading germs on Laundry days.

Normal washing of clothes will reduce the risk of Covid19 being transmitted. In certain situations, clothes should be washed at higher than normal temperatures and with a bleach-based product to minimise the transmission risk as much as possible.

Washing high-risk items

If the items you are washing are likely to transmit COVID19 after you have been in public they should be washed at 60C with a bleach-based product. Items are likely to cause transmission if you have someone in your home who is susceptible. The following items are also high risk:

  • sports clothes
  • cloths used in food preparation
  • healthcare workers’ uniforms
  • shared towels
  • clothing worn over a wound or infected skin

You can protect yourself from infection by wearing gloves when handling high-risk laundry and always washing your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Washing everyday items

A normal wash with a detergent will be very effective at reducing the risk of transmitting any infection.

  • keep and wash clothes separately from other items if you feel that someone may have spread the virus when in contact with you
  • wash high-risk items separately from other items
  • wash your hands after handling unwashed clothes

Don’t be paranoid about your clothes. Simply going outside is not going to allow your clothes to catch the virus.

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