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Cleaning tips for your Washing Machine

Tips for Cleaning your Washing Machine

Lucky enough to own our famous Portable Clothesline?

You won’t have to worry about cleaning that!

But, maintaining a clean washing machine is really important to keep your clothes clean and fresh even before you hang them on our portable clothesline.

Unlike a Mrs Pegg’s Handyline a washing machine is expensive to repair and expensive to replace. And like our portable clothesline a washing machine is one of life’s necessities.

Proper washing machine maintenance keeps them going at peak performance. So, Mrs Pegg’s has put together some tips for cleaning the machines that clean your clothes before you hang them to dry on our portable clothesline. Makes sense to clean it does it not?

How to Clean a Washing Machine

Cleaning your washing machine is actually pretty straightforward and necessary. Therefore, consider doing this cleaning once a month if you are a heavy user and a couple times a year otherwise. Maintaining it also means your washing machine will last longer. But not as long as a portable clothesline from Mrs. Peggs. Cleaning your washing machine allows you to get rid of mouldy smells caused by stale soap build up and fabric softener. Above all, it means you get a better-quality wash.

Cycle One – Baking Soda

Begin with an empty washing machine. Add in about two cups of baking soda directly into the washing machine. This is going to gently scrub the inside and combat those stale, mouldy odours that are left behind via old soap and fabric softener deposits. Next, run a large, long, hot water cycle and leave it be. If your machine has a self-clean cycle, use it.

Cycle Two – Vinegar

After that, you want to add 2 cups of plain white vinegar and 10 drops of essential oil like tea tree oil or lavender oil. The reason being that these essential oils help with mildew and mineral deposits and act as a mild disinfectant. Then, run another cycle through and set it to the longest, hottest and biggest setting you can find. The vinegar will help break down any deposits and further remove mouldy smells.

Just because you can’t smell the mould does not mean it isn’t there. You may be accustomed to the smell…

After both cycles are complete, you can give a quick wipe down to the drum and agitator using a microfibre cloth and vinegar. If you have any stains, try rubbing them with a paste of baking soda and water and a non-scratching sponge. That should remove just about everything.

Furthermore, on front load washers, the rubber seal clings on to all kinds of bad stuff. So, for this area, dip a cloth into plain white vinegar and 10 drops of tea tree oil or lavender oil and give it a good wipe down. You’ve got to get rid of all that mildew!

Clean Machine Exterior, Door, and Dispensing Trays

Now for the exterior parts of the machine…. including your detergent dispensers, all cracks and crevices, door frame and all exterior surfaces. First, clean the inside and outside of the washing machine door with vinegar and water using a microfiber cloth. You might really need to scrub well! Secondly, use an all-purpose cleaner and pre-soak really dirty areas around the washer. Finally, scrub grimy areas where necessary with a cleaning toothbrush (and baking soda, if needed) and wipe everything clean with a cotton cloth. You can also soak your dispensing trays and then wipe clean. They can get really grotty and mouldy.

Extra Care Tips

Always leave the door open when you are done with your washing – always. This lets the remaining moisture evaporate and avoids mould and mildew growth. If smelly laundry is a problem, this will solve it.

Remove your clothes from the washing machine ASAP for the same reason as the last point.

And try to avoid store-bought fabric softeners. They leave a residue, not only on your clothes but also in your washing machine. As we now know this causes odours.

Finally, use the correct amount of detergent, always. Too much detergent will cling to the walls of your machine and lead to odours and dull clothes. These detergents are designed to be used in small quantities.

Now that you have read our tips, your clothes will be completely clean before you hang them on our portable clotthesline!

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