Portable Clothesline NDIS

Portable Clothesline the answer to drying with mobility issues.

A Portable Clothesline through the NDIS helps with mobility issues.

Order your clients use a portable clothesline through the NDIS.

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines have become Australia’s favourite portable clothes drying lines because they make laundry days a breeze!

By suggesting the purchase of a Mrs Pegg’s portable clothesline through the NDIS you can reduce the impact of a client’s disability when it comes to their laundry

Using our portable clothesline, it is now easier for your clients to become a little more independent with their clothes drying. You or your clients can order straight from our website or by phoning us and then we can deliver to the door normally within seven to ten days.

One of the best things about the range of Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines is they are all registered under the NDIS scheme, so clients will be eligible to have a clothesline delivered free to their door.

A Mrs Pegg’s Portable clothesline is a Standard (Level 2) Assistive Technology under the NDIS. Our portable clotheslines are listed as low to medium cost products with low to medium risk, so your clients can purchase with their Assistive Technology funding. Standard (Level 2) Assistive Technology is typically available ‘off the shelf’ products such as our clothesline.

Click HERE for more information from the NDIS.

As you can imagine the value in our portable clothesline is that it needs none or very little training to use the clothesline. Although if your client wishes to watch some handy drying tips, we have prepared some videos which can be viewed on our website at https://www.mrspeggshandyline.com.au/how-to-videos/

A Mrs Pegg’s Portable clothesline is delivered to your client’s door fully assembled. On delivery, they simply take the clothesline straight out of the box, remove the plastic protective bag, then easily unfold the legs and presto!

How easy!

Now your client has a portable clothesline that can hold up to two wash loads.

No more reaching up to the clothesline to dry clothes!

Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Lines are a tremendous help to people with disabilities because they have lower line levels than conventional clotheslines and being portable, they can be placed near the laundry door so wet washing doesn’t have to be carried far.

The Easy 8 Handy Line is our latest clothesline and has been specifically designed for people in wheel chairs or those with mobility issues. This gives our Occupational Therapist’s clients more independence, because so many more people are able to do their own clothes drying without assistance in their own home.

Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are also an accredited supplier to the Department of Veteran Affairs through the RAP program and are purchased by many occupational therapists, physiotherapists and doctors on behalf of patients. The Handy Lines are also Home Care Package approved as well as being a NDIS provider.

Because Mrs. Pegs is the expert in washing and drying clothes, we have made a very helpful list to make it even easier on washing days.

  • Do small loads regularly rather than letting it build up and find that you have a huge chore.
  • Consider putting front opening machines (washers and dryers) on a stand to raise them to make it easier to put in and remove clothes.
  • Use a trolley when transferring clothes in and out of a washing machine or dryer to limit bending.
  • Sit on a chair which is at an appropriate height while doing hand washing. Have two tubs close by to use for washing and rinsing. This will make transferring clothes easier.
  • Untangle clothes as you remove them from the machine. Don’t lift the whole load out at once.
  • Put wet clothes in a trolley and wheel to the line. If this is not possible, try to get someone to carry the clothes basket out and place on a stool under the line so you do not need to bend to the ground for each item.
  • Carry the basket close to your body from washing machine to Handy Line.

Mrs Peggs have manufactured our very own Handy Peg which is a specially designed easy soft grip peg for people with arthritic finger joints etc., you simply poise the peg over the line, slight squeeze and the peg goes over the item and onto the line with ease. The Handy Peg is a strong high-quality UV treated all weather peg. The pegs come in a pack of 24 and include postage.

Consider how you hang things on the clothesline to reduce the need to iron. Hang them flat on the line or use coat hangers to hang items.

Portable Clothesline NDIS
Portable Clothesline NDIS

Occupational Therapists and Carers in Australia choose a Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line for their clients.

A Mrs Pegg’s Easy 8 Handy Line is most suitable for people in wheelchairs because;

  • Weighs just 2.5kilos,
  • With 12m of drying space can hold over a full wash load,
  • Arrives fully assembled,
  • 2-year warranty,
  • Powder coated aluminium with stainless steel fixings to avoid rust,
  • Easy reach for people in wheelchairs and with mobility problems,
  • Complies with many Balcony/Apartment clothes drying height restrictions

To order a Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Line for your clients…

Either Order online at mrspeggshandyline.com.au/compare-clothes-line/ or email [email protected] or Free Call 1800 111 811  to speak with one of our friendly staff.