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Portable Clothesline Drying Tips.

Clothes drying tips when using our Portable Clothesline.

Before you throw that soaking wet washing into the tumble dryer, maybe it’s time you considered our Mrs. Pegg’s portable clothesline. And consider that each load generates more than 3kg of greenhouse gas, stacks up your electricity bill and isn’t actually great for your clothes.

These laundry day tips will help you hang washing to save your wallet and the environment and your favourite t-shirt!

Use the sun to fade stains

Stuck with an annoying stain that has resisted your best attempts to remove it with specialised detergents or an overnight soak? Head outside to harness the power of the sun and hang your clothes on our portable clothesline. Nature’s stain fighting superhero, sunshine can lessen the appearance of a variety of stains and has the added bonus of helping to make whites appear brighter. Plus, it’s free!

Turn clothes inside out to stop fading

While sunshine is great for making white clothes shine, it’s the enemy of bright colours and darker hues. Colour rich items fade quickly in direct light so you’ll need to hang them on our portable clothesline in the shade, or turn them inside out, to minimise sun bleaching.

Use hangers to dry without creasing

Hang t-shirts, shirts and dresses directly on to coat hangers then place on your portable clothesline as soon as they come out of the washing machine to reduce the need for ironing. As water drips out of the fabric the weight of the garments will make them dry crease-free.

Give each item a good shake to remove creases from the spin cycle then hang to dry on a plastic coat hanger and place on our portable clothesline. This method eradicates creases in most “quick dry” fabrics but stiff cotton shirts or linen garments will still need a quick once-over with the iron.

When hanging wet garments avoid wooden hangers that can warp from moisture or metal hangers that can rust and stain clothes.

Overlap corners of washing to save space

It doesn’t take long to run out of space even on our largest portable clothesline on days when you find yourself contending with multiple loads of laundry.

Maximise hanging room by overlapping the edges of our portable clothesline when pegging them down. More space, less pegs – win, win.

Watch out with heavy fabrics as the layered corners can take longer to dry.

Hang across, not along, the portable clothesline

A brilliant hack to help accommodate supersized laundry loads is to hang items across rather than along the line. Just make sure there’s plenty of air flow and light around your portable clothesline to ensure wet clothes don’t become musty and smelly before drying out.

Hang clothes to avoid peg marks

Hide ugly peg impressions by pegging dresses from the hem and t-shirts from the armpits along the sleeve seam.

As a general rule peg tops at the hem, and bottoms at the top. For jeans, shorts and trousers fold the waistband seam over the washing line and peg in the seam, or flip and peg at the leg hem.

Socks and undies are a debatable category! Some people recommend hanging by the toes or crotch to preserve the elastic in the bands, others think this will make these areas wear through faster.

Remove excess water from handwashing

Clearly clothes will dry faster when not dripping wet. Remove excess moisture from hand washed garments by laying them flat on a towel before rolling them up and squeezing them out. The towel will absorb a substantial amount of water while preventing your clothes from looking crinkled and wrung out.

Organise as you hang on our portable clothesline

Save time sorting by allocating a section of the portable clothesline to each person in your family, or if you live on your own, allocate each line to a particular type of clothing. Then as you unhang and fold the dry clothes they will be neatly ordered.

Go the extra mile with separate baskets for each family member that can be easily deposited in each person’s room.

There’s just so many good reasons to use a Mrs pegg’s Portable clothesline to dry your laundry. Check out our reviews on Facebook!

The Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are available in two models. The Deluxe and the Classic – plus the all new Easy 8 and all folding clotheslines come with a two-year warranty.

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