Caring for Clothes with a Portable Clothes Line

Ditched the outside Clothes Line & got yourself our Portable Clothes Line?

Take even more care of your clothes using our Indoor Clothesline & Mrs. Peggs’s tips.

STOP drying clothes with an electric dryer when you have a clothes horse in the stable! With the help of our portable clothes line find out how to properly care for your clothes.


Clean your clothes regularly

Dress shirts should only be worn one time, suit jackets twice, pants twice—but all should be freshened between every wear—sweaters every three wears. Hang them on your indoor clothesline before returning them to your wardrobe so as not to invade your wardrobe with the sweaty odours of your recently worn clothing. Properly cleaning your clothes regularly will ensure that problems don’t become disasters.


Don’t use too much detergent!Laundry detergent companies are making a fortune telling you how much soap to use in your loads. With the new high efficiency front and top load machines a tablespoon of detergent is plenty! The removal of spots comes from properly pre-treating the items, temperature, agitation, and treating the item as soon as possible.

Zip your Zippers and no Velcro

Zippers are the saws of destruction in your laundry. Keeping them closed ensures that they don’t snag another item in the load. The same can be said of Velcro which can stick to other fabrics and ruin a nice sweater if washed and dried together.

Bleach is for spots only, not a whole load

Bleach can be added to an individual item but bleach does not remove spots, it simply removes the colour of the spot. What you should be doing is adding bleach with an eye dropper to control the chemical and rinse out immediately.

Carefully read clothing labels

Did you know? Care labels are only true for 51% of the garment’s total fabric and excludes all ornamentation.

Always make sure you check the label before you purchase any item of clothing. “Manufacturers are only required to list one way to clean the item. If the item indicates ‘dry clean only’ this is the safest and recommended method of cleaning. BUT this does not mean that it is the only method of cleaning. In fact, you can regularly clean some ‘dry clean only’ items with water. Once again many clothes don’t like electric clothes driers. Put these clothes straight onto your portable clothes line for special attention to preserve their lifespan and appearance

Washing in cold water.

Cold water assists in colour fastness. But Shrinkage occurs in drying the material not the laundering. If you think a colour could bleed it probably will: Red, black, and purple are generally unstable dyes and when they are placed next to light colors there are likely going to be undesired consequences.

Hang Dry whenever possible!

Your Mum was right! Hanging any fabric to dry is the best option and it prevents shrinkage. Don’t use an electric dryer – ever. Use a clothes horse, portable clothes line, clothes drying rack – what ever you want to call it! Of course we recommend a Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Line.

Almost all shrinkage occurs during the drying phase of cleaning and if people would do more portable clothes line drying it would save money on energy and heartache! When in doubt, hang your clothes on a portable clothesline or indoor clothesline.

 Some stains require professional attention.

Sometimes it’s not worth the struggle, time, and effort to clean ground-in grass or an extremely dirty sports uniform. All of the clothes washing remedies that you think you understand are much more complicated than you realise. Send that cherished item to the dry cleaners and let them deal with it. The likelihood of being able to get that spot out is sometimes not worth the time spent. Before returning your dry cleaned clothes to the cupboard always air it out on a Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line. Save those chemicals invading your wardrobe and other clothes.

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