Portable Clothesline

A Portable Clothesline that Saves.

Science proves a Portable Clothesline saves the Environment.

Yes. Your portable clothes line will save money and the environment!

Years ago nearly every home had those old Hills Hoist clothesline poles in the back yard, and most clothes drying was done by line drying. Even people who had a dryer would only use it on rainy days or in the winter. Today, the old Hill’s Hoist is fairly rare in Australia as people are moving to a portable clothesline.

Although some people still persit with dryers when there is simply no need. This is very unfortunate for the environment because the electric clothes dryer is one of the biggest energy hogs in the household. It’s estimated that six to ten percent of residential energy is used running clothes dryers.

More and more Australians are turning to our portable clothesline for drying their laundry.

The personal and environmental costs of clothes dryers, in terms of money, energy fuel and carbon emissions are staggering!

Energy costs for clothes drying:
The typical household dries over 400 loads of clothes per year, and 80% use electric clothes dryers. Looking at the average power consumption and power cost, it equates to over $120 per year for electricity to run your clothes dryer.

portable clotheslines
Portable clotheslines save energy costs.

Energy resources consumed to generate the power.
The most commonly used fuel for electric power generation in Australia is coal. Looking at the amount of electricity consumed by your dryer and the coal needed to generate that power, that is nearly 408 kilograms of coal will be burned to generate the power for your electric dryer every year.

Carbon emissions created by the power generation.
The carbon emissions created from coal power generation equates to nearly a tonne of CO2 emissions each year. A mature tree consumes about 50 pounds of CO2 in one year, so it will take about 46 trees to offset the CO2 emissions from electric clothes drying by each household.

It’s a no-brainer; drying clothes on a portable clothesline will save both money and the environment.

If you line dry your clothes just half of the time you can save over $60 in a year. We’ll burn 204 pounds less coal and save half a tonne of CO2 emissions…the work of 23 Trees!

Portable clothesline
Portable clotheslines save the environment.

Tumbling towards the inevitable…

Dryers may save you time sometimes, but at a cost your purse and the environment must shoulder. Besides the toll electric dryers have on your purse and the environment, electric dryers shrink clothes, and hot tumble-drying in particular takes a toll on fabric. So if you want to try to balance convenience and protecting your purse and the environment, you should invest in the best portable clothesline on the market – a Mrs. Pegg’s Handyline.

Until someone comes up with a better solution, scientists recommend keeping your valuable clothing away from the dryer and dry them on a portable clothes line, preferably a Mrs. Pegg’s portable clothesline for extra convenience.

Portable Clothesline
Portable Clothesline

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The Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are available in two models. The Deluxe and the Classic – and all folding clotheslines come with a two-year warranty.

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