World's smartest clothesline

World’s Smartest Clothesline

We are not Clothesline Luddites at Mrs. Pegg’s – we love technology!

That’s why we invented the world’s smartest clothesline. We love the ways our clothesline enhances our busy lifestyle in so many ways plus it saves money by not using an electric dryer.

There’s just something soothing about wearing line-dried clothes on our clothesline. Don’t you just love hanging out laundry to dry when it’s warm, watching it flap in the breeze and shine in the sun’s reflection?

Did you also know most of the world line-dries their laundry as default? Except for the United States where it is illegal to land dry in some states.

Here are five of our favourite reasons for line-drying your laundry on a Mrs. Pegg’s Handyline – Australia’s favourite clothesline.

1. Our portable clothesline saves you money.

This is the obvious one. Dryers use up a lot of electricity, almost more than any other household appliance. University research estimates that an electric clothes dryer accounts for  up to 7 percent of a household’s annual electricity consumption.

That may not sound like a lot, but consider how many items in your home use electricity. For easy sums, if you average $1000 a month for your electricity bill, your clothes dryer accounts for $840 per year. That’s almost another month of electricity in your home.

As we know, when you dry on our clothesline your electric bill is considerably lower. Our portable clothesline isn’t expensive (and it folds up nicely by the washer), plus our Mrs. Pegg’s Handy pegs last for years so you end up saving so much money!

2. Our portable clothesline saves your clothes.

Dryers are so harsh on your clothes and they weaken the fabric’s fibres faster than if they had been dried on a clothesline. All that lint after a cycle in the dryer is fabric slowly wearing off of your clothes. It’s gradual, sure, but isn’t it cheaper to buy fewer-but-better clothes?  Don’t you want them to last as long as possible

3. Less laundry days.

Because a Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Line holds a full load of washing you can dry all your clothes on the same day. That’s an important point for all those busy people who don’t have the time to be constantly hanging their washing on a clothesline day after day.

4. Portable Clotheslines don’t need chemicals.

The sun is a natural whitener, so when you put thoroughly wet whites out on the line, the stains fade naturally; no need for bleach. In fact, putting wet whites directly in sunlight gets them stunningly white. Yes it’s a fact!

Dryers cause static cling, and the ingredients found in dryer sheets aren’t so great. Line-drying on our clothesline solves that issue too.

5. Get out in the Sun.

Getting out in the sun for a short time does you good! A few minutes of peace with your thoughts, doing something methodical with your hands is good for your health.

A chance to get some good thinking done. While your body is busy doing something rote and routine. With our portable clothesline, it’s easy to reach the line, therefore people with mobility issues can enjoy independence by doing the washing for themselves and to spend some time in the sun.

Quick Tips for clothes drying

  • Plan your laundry colours with the sun’s peak. By having your whites dry in the late afternoon, where the sun is at its brightest will enhance the whiteness.
  • Clothes will line dry even when it’s cool or wet; simply put them under a covered area like a patio or balcony. Our all new Easy 8 is specially designed for apartments with a balcony. Then you can bring your drying laundry inside overnight.
  • Get the kids involved, and this will eventually be normal to them. An average seven year-old can reach a Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Line with ease.

There’s just so many good reasons to use a clothesline to dry your clothes and sheets. Check out or reviews on Facebook!

The Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are available in two models. The Deluxe and the Classic – plus the all new Easy 8 and all folding clotheslines come with a two-year warranty.

If you would like to know more about Australia’s favourite folding clothesline, our friendly staff will be delighted to speak to you on 1800 111 811 or you can order securely online.