Register for Services

Registration is only available if you are a Health Professional.

If you wish to become a certified Occupational Therapist with Mrs Peggs please fill in the Registration Form and we will contact you. Your information is strictly confidential and will not be forwarded to any other party.

Note: Your account will be active as soon as we review your request and we will contact you to confirm arrangement.

By registering with Mrs Peggs, Health Professionals will be able to log in using their password and order our product on line without any further paper work.

Mrs Peggs will invoice the paying authority with a copy to the person / company ordering, followed by a tracking delivery advice (the recipient also receives this if their email address is supplied).

A permanent record will be maintained allowing Health Professionals to log in and access their own confidential history at any time.

Our Head Office will verify and approve the registration by email and provide a user ID and password enabling a permanent history of all transactions completed.

Orders can be placed in this O/T area. Simply enter the required details and we despatch the Handy Line to the recipient the next day.

We create the invoice to the paying authority who will pay Mrs Peggs in due course with a copy going to the O/T for their records.

A despatch notice with the tracking details also goes to the O/T.