Features & Benefits

Kind to our planet
All weather resistant
Use indoors & outdoors
Reduces Power Costs
Portable – Fold & hang
Ideal for caravans
  • It’s so easy to “pull the plug” on your electric dryer and use a Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line! Air drying washing doesn’t cost a cent, is kinder to clothes and our planet.
  • The Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are portable, outdoor/indoor clotheslines which are just so easy to use. They are light, but ultra-strong and can be left outside permanently or easily folded for storage.  Being weather resistant, they will not leave rust marks on your clothes
  • The Deluxe Handy Line is constructed of powder- coated aluminium as well as the Standard Handy Line  and both have stainless steel fixings.
  • It’s amazing how much washing the Handy Line will hold – 4 king sheets will fit on the large line, while the smaller line holds 4 queen sheets.
  • Quilts, quilt covers, woollen under blankets and normal blankets aren’t a problem as they can be “tented” over the top of the line. They dry so quickly because of the air flow all around them. (see Handy Hints)
  • When using Handy Line indoors it is unnecessary to use a humidifier as the washing hydrates the air. Just another way the Handy Line saves on power bills.
  • Drip drying is just so easy as clothes hangers can be placed on the end bars.
  • Jumpers and delicates can be laid flat across the top of the line.
  • Being portable, it can be there one minute and gone the next! No more unsightly clothesline spoiling your garden outlook.
  • Many of us live in more confined spaces and find that when the washing is dry, the Handy Line is so easy to fold. Just fold it up and hang it up!
  • The Handy Line can easily be moved, clothes and all, to chase the sun or moved inside where household heating can be utilized. Think of the energy saved?
  • Apartment dwellers can say goodbye to their electric dryers! If permitted, just place the Handy Line on the balcony, or, if not, it can be used inside where washing dries in no time. This drastically reduces power costs!
  • Busy people just love it! It’s so easy to do a load of washing before going to work. Just put the Handy Line undercover and there’s no going home to wet or sun damaged washing. As the line can also be used as an airer as well as for drying washing, there is no double handling which is such a time saver!
  • The Handy Lines are great for Child Care Centres and Kindies for not only drying childrens clothes which often get wet, but also for drying paintings.
  • The Line also make great tents/cubby houses, but to prevent injuries, it’s a good idea to tether the Handy Line with an octopus strap on each end which can be attached (but hooked to itself) around the main bar, and the other end attached to a tent peg pushed into a lawn on an angle.
  • The Handy Lines are such a help to the elderly and people with disabilities because they has lower line level than  conventional lines and being portable, they can be placed near the house, so heavy wet washing doesn’t have to be carried very far.
  • Campers and caravan owners, who often find their washing missing from communal clotheslines or have to resort to using the community electric dryers, find it a bonus because the Handy Line can be placed just outside their van or in their annex. Because they can be used at home is another bonus.

The Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are available in two models – Deluxe and Classic  come with a 10 year warranty (1 year on polycore)

If you would like to know more about these wonderful washday helpers, our friendly staff will be delighted to speak to you on 1800 111 811 or you can order securely online.