Reviews & Testimonials

What our Handy Line customers say…

Here is a sample of feedback we have received from users of the Handy Line.

Could not imagine life without Mrs.Peggs. Give each of my kids one when they leave home. Fantastic indoors, outdoors, patios, garage … my son even uses one in his apartment bathroom. Love them!

Gail S.


The Handy Line has measured up to all our expectations and the claims of versatility, ease of use and mobility. It has established itself as an essential part of our household. We find that we seldom use our fixed clothes line, as the Handy Line takes most of our washing and it has the advantage of being easy to move about even when laden to catch sunlight and breezes. Being constructed of non-corrosive materials we are happy to leave it outside most of the time.

Margaret S.


I write to let you know how thrilled I am with the large Handy Line. I have a very small courtyard and for 20 years I have had a line draped across the courtyard propped up with an old fence paling. Now that I have the Handy Line I find that I can fit so much more washing on it than I could on the old clothes line and if friends are coming I can so easily move it out of the way and pop it inside.

I am absolutely delighted! Many thanks.

Mary F.


I have an outside clothes line but find that I use the Handy Line all the time. In winter no problems, put it up outside under cover or in the garage, no worries about clothes not getting dried. In the summer, to save our clothes from being bleached in the sun, we still put it under cover. It’s a portable wonder, takes the worry out of where to put the clothes.

I find the Handy Line holds all my washing including sheets and tablecloths. All you need is to follow a few simple hints about how and where you hang clothes.

Anne F.


The name Handy Line is appropriate because that’s exactly what it is. I use it all the time. In the winter I put clothes on it outside and if they aren’t dry by night time I bring the Handy Line into the lounge just before we go to bed and everything is dry by morning. The kids can use it too, it’s not out of their reach.

Marilyn M.


I would just like to thank you for making such a great product. For years I’ve had shoulder problems and have found it increasingly difficult to hang my washing on my normal clothes line. Not anymore. Mrs Peggs Handy Line has made my life so much easier. I hesitated at first because of the price but believe me it is worth every penny, just to have my washing air dried again.

I would highly recommended this line to anyone who has trouble putting their arms above their head. Or even if you don’t.


I am extremely pleased with my Handy Line. We have a roof garden and the Handy Line is absolutely ideal. I have not used the dryer since I had the line. With unreliable weather I have the Handy Line set up in an area upstairs where it gets the heat that rises and works just as well. I particularly like the lightness of the Handy Line. I recommend it for people living in smaller housing.

Cathy W.

I have currently situated my Handy Line on an upstairs balcony, but it is so easily transported elsewhere as it is so light. It is the only product of it’s type that I could find. It has proven very sturdy and holds a substantial load of clothes. I am thrilled with my Handy Line!



I debated for months whether or not to purchase due to the price. Now, six months later I’m about to purchase another one! In fact I may get two small ones for the kids to look after their own washing from now on. I even loaned it to the primary school so they could hang all their freshly screen-printed t-shirts safely off the ground. The large Handy Line fits inside my little hatchback car (without the packaging box).

I bought the large Handy Line and it now lives permanently in my family room. I work full time and have a busy family to co-ordinate. I find that I can fit two loads of washing onto the line from my 6.5kg washer easily.

What I really like is that here in Melbourne where we only get 6-8 weeks of decent sunshine every year, I can still get my clothes dry without using the dryer (which I’ve actually put out in the garage since we don’t use it anymore). My kids love it because they can reach everything without standing on a ladder. I love it because I can do a load of washing most nights and I know it’ll be dry by the next day – even inside on damp days. The large line fits queen size sheets and I can wash them now without hanging them over doors throughout the house. Plus the height is terrific, high enough for sheets and towels but low enough to be comfortable.

All in all, a fantastic product worth every single cent. I highly recommend this to EVERYONE.

Kelsie O’B.


Love my Mrs Peggs line I have had it for a few years now. It suits my lifestyle well so I can wash at anytime and hang it on my line under my pergola or at the back of the garage and not have to worry about the weather especially as we are late risers and I never get my washing out on the colder days early enough to dry. I am sure it has saved me a fortune on tumble drying. 🙂