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Why do thousands of Australian's
love their Mrs Peggs?

Easy to setup & store

Easy to setup & easy to pack down, folding flat for convenient, compact storage.

Sturdy & lightweight

Extremely stable and lightweight, making our Handy lines easy to move around.

Built to last

Made from quality, durable materials that are guaranteed to last - even up to 20 years!

Use indoors or outdoors

Great for use inside and outside, even in windy conditions!

Range of sizes

Mrs Peggs come in a range of size and height options to suit you and your living space.

Holds over 2 wash loads

Our clotheslines holds over 2 wash loads - even king-sized sheets!

What our happy customers say
'What a fantastic thing this is. I found it to be easy to handle, easy to put up and down and easy to move around with and without a load of washing on. It's very stable and I love it.'
What our happy customers say
'I love Mrs Peggs. Having a large family it's been a godsend. I don't like using a dryer unnecessarily and using this handyline saves energy, the environment and money.'
What our happy customers say
'I love Mrs Peggs clotheslines. They are great quality and work as an alternate to a standard clothesline when space is limited. The perfect product for apartment living!'
What our happy customers say
'Light and easy to move around the garden, Mrs Peggs is sturdy, strong and doesn't blow over. It handles sheets and towels easily while still being compact. Highly recommended!'

A perfect drying solution for...

Households with high wash loads

Replace your old clothes horse or extend your line space with a Mrs Peggs.

Apartments & smaller living spaces

Our Handy Lines are compact & easy to move around; inside or on a balcony.

No outdoor clothesline

Mrs Peggs is durable and built to last; made for use indoors and out.

People with reduced mobility

Our clotheslines are light, stable, and NDIS & MyAgedCare registered.

Towels & sheets

Unlike other portable lines, hang towels and sheets with ease.

Eco-friendly living

Air dry your clothes, sheets and towels year round

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