Health Care Provider

The Handy Line is the answer to making life easier for those with mobility problems, the elderly and arthritis sufferers. Being constructed of aluminium, it is lightweight (large Handy Line 3.4kg, small 3.2kg), energy saving, easy to move and folds flat for storage.

Washing is a chore, but with a Handy Line, it can be placed near the laundry or inside the house so washing doesn’t have to be carried very far.

Having lower line levels, the Handy Lines are easier to reach than conventional clotheslines. This helps with a person’s balance thus
preventing falls.

If a patient has a workplace injury, arthritis or other disability which may enable them to claim insurance or other compensation, they could be entitled to a Mrs Pegg’s Handy Line at no cost to them.

Benefits for Patients

  • A Handy Line at no charge if you qualify.
  • The clothesline chosen by Health Care Providers.
  • Easy to reach which assists balance and therefore avoiding falls.
  • Less stress on joints.
  • Fully Aassembled, ready for use.

Please contact an Approved Therapist to find out if you are eligible.

Benefits for Practitioners

  • Register on site to order Handy Lines for your patients.
  • Increase business opportunities.
  • Attracts new patients to qualify for assistance.
  • Ability to recommend a product to make your patient’s
  • washing days easier.
  • No up front cost to you. Mrs Peggs will process all paperwork with paying authorities.