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Looking for a clothes drying rack to put on your patio/balcony or one to use inside your home? Indoor drying racks may be made of materials that won’t stand up to the elements, like untreated wood or polished metal. Some outdoor drying racks, on the other hand, are can become rusty and fall apart in Australian conditions.

But Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines go one step further in the strength and durability department because they are constructed of powder- coated aluminium with stainless steel fixings and can be left outside permanently or inside with wet clothes next to a heater.  Being weather resistant, they will not leave rust marks on your clothes, because they are simply the best clothes drying rack you can choose.

Size of the Clothes Drying Rack

Drying racks range from small, wall-mounted options to larger, free-standing versions with multiple tiers. The amount of space you have available—plus the size of your average laundry load—will determine whether a more compact unit is right for you or if you’d be better off with a larger, tiered model. They also need to be fully portable in case it starts raning and you need to bring them under cover quickly.

Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Lines are available in 5 different sizes with most holding a full wash load including Sheets. The Handy Line can easily be moved, clothes and all, to chase the sun or moved inside where household heating can be utilised. Think of the energy saved?

Weight capacity of the Clothes Drying Rack

An average load of laundry can weigh anywhere up to 7 kilograms when dry—and even more when wet from the washing machine—so pay attention to the weight capacity of any drying rack you’re considering. Holding strength is important but also you don’t want sagging lines. No matter whether you’re choosing a small, medium, or large clothesline, a higher weight capacity will likely mean a more stable rack that is less likely to buckle or fall over.

One of the best things about our clothes drying racks is you can re-tension the drying lines.

Here is a video that show you how – CLICK HERE.

Overall considerations for choosing a Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Line

A Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Line is incredibly strong with some customers having used their clothes drying racks for 20 years! We believe this is because our clotheslines have been designed by Australians for Australian conditions. They are used all over Australia from the rainforest to the outback to the seashore.

Mrs. Pegg’s Handy Lines are lightweight and easy to carry, but best of all come with an anchor strap. Our clothes drying racks have a loop under the main bar where the strap supplied can be attached. The other end can be hooked to a tent peg, sandbag or other weight.  If using a tent peg on a grassed area, push it into the ground on an angle otherwise it will easily pull out.

For clothes drying rack that is generously-sized, collapses for storage, and won’t tip over easily, a Mrs. Pegg’s clothes drying rack is the best choice overall.

Many users comment on how large our clotheslines are and that it’s capable of drying an entire load of laundry. This is a real timesaver if you use a drying rack to dry all of your laundry, since smaller racks may make it impossible to dry a larger load at once. Despite its large capacity, the Mrs. Pegg’s clothes drying rack is lightweight and easy to lift and set-up.

You can compare the different sizes – CLICK HERE

The rack itself is constructed of lightweight but ultra-strong aluminium; Mrs Pegg’s Indoor/outdoor clotheslines won’t rust. Many customers in hot, humid climates that have used the rack outside have never noticed rust spots. When not in use, the rack folds to a slim size that can be stored in a closet or out of sight. A Mrs Pegg’s drying Rack is a solid choice with large capacity, earning it the title of Australia’s overall favourite drying rack.

Better engineering for Australian conditions.


Clothes drying rack
Clothes drying rack

Many customers find our clothes drying rack to be sturdy, and many comment on the convenience of its slim size when collapsed. Our clothes drying rack is perfect for storing on a wall or next to your washing machine. The folding mechanism is similar to an ironing board and takes a second to fold and unfold.

By clicking HERE you can find out how to fold your line after use.

There’s just so many good reasons to use a Mrs pegg’s Portable clothesline to dry your laundry. Check out our reviews on Facebook!

The Mrs Pegg’s Handy Lines are available in two models. The Deluxe and the Classic – and all folding clotheslines come with a two-year warranty.

If you would like to know more about Australia’s favourite clothes drying rack our friendly staff will be delighted to speak to you on 1800 111 811 or you can order securely online by clicking HERE