Portable Clothesline Drying Tips

Brighten your Day with the  Best Portable Clothesline Drying Tips.

Did you know a Mrs. Pegg’s portable clothesline actually saves you money?

Think about a portable clothesline before you throw that wet washing into the tumble dryer.

By not using our portable clothesline, consider that each tumble load generates more than 3kg of greenhouse gas, stacks up your electricity bill and isn’t actually great for your clothes.These clothesline drying tips will help you hang washing to save your purse and the environment plus keep your favourite dress.

Use hangers to dry without creasing.

Hang t-shirts, shirts and dresses directly on to coat hangers as soon as they come out of the washing machine to reduce the need for ironing. As water drips out of the fabric the weight of the garments will make them dry crease-free. You can see in our photograph how the clothes hanger works so well on our portable clothesline.

Plus, putting your clothes away in the wardrobe will be a breeze!

Give each item a good shake to remove creases from the spin cycle then hang to dry on a plastic coat hanger. Then hang them on your portable clothesline. This method eradicates creases in most “quick dry” fabrics but stiff cotton shirts or linen garments will still need a quick once-over with the iron.

When hanging wet garments avoid wooden hangers that can warp from moisture or metal hangers that can rust and stain clothes.

Portable Clothesline
Portable Clothesline

Overlap corners of washing to save space.

It doesn’t take long to run out of space on the portable clothesline on days when you find yourself contending with multiple loads of laundry, even with a Mrs. Pegg’s portable clothesline.

Maximise hanging room by overlapping the edges of your clothes when pegging them down. More space, less pegs – win, win.

Watch out with heavy fabrics as the layered corners can take longer to dry.

Hang across, not along, the portable clothesline.

A brilliant hack to help accommodate supersized laundry loads is to hang items across rather than along the portable clothesline. Just make sure there’s plenty of air flow and light around your portable clothesline to ensure wet clothes don’t become musty and smelly before drying out.

Hang your socks together.

Avoid playing annoying games of ‘sock snap’ by hanging pairs on your portable clothesline together to dry using a portable hanging peg dryer.

Wash your socks in a mesh lingerie bag to avoid losing one in the washing machine!

Utilise sunshine to fade stains.

Stuck with an annoying stain that has resisted your best attempts to remove it with specialised detergents or an overnight soak? Head outside to harness the power of the sun. Nature’s stain fighting superhero, sunshine can lessen the appearance of a variety of stains and has the added bonus of helping to make whites appear brighter. Plus, it’s free!

Tackle stubborn stains with household ingredients.

To attack hard-to-shift coffee, wine and food stains make a paste with vinegar and baking soda. Apply directly to the stain then leave for five to ten minutes before washing as normal. See our previous post for details. Click here.

When it comes to pesky makeup stains, particularly foundation or fake tan, apply dish washing detergent directly to the stain prior to washing then run through the machine on a hot cycle.

Turn clothes inside out to stop fading.

While sunshine is great for making white clothes shine, it’s the enemy of bright colours and darker hues. Colour rich items fade quickly in direct light so you’ll need to hang them in the shade, or turn them inside out, to minimise sun bleaching.

Add protection over your portable clothesline.

If you want your clothes to dry as fast as possible but don’t want to risk fading, or having your clean laundry ruined by a surprise downpour or a bird with good aim, bring your portable clothesline inside – too easy! Mrs. Pegg’s Handyline has special hooks that you can install to make the portable clothesline so easy to put up and take down when you need to store it away. Click here for Hooks.

Hang cleverly to avoid peg marks.

Peg marks are the pits – but you can avoid them with these hanging hacks.

Hide ugly peg impressions by pegging dresses from the hem and t-shirts from the armpits along the sleeve seam.

As a general rule peg tops at the hem, and bottoms at the top. For jeans, shorts and trousers fold the waistband seam over the portable clothesline and peg in the seam, or flip and peg at the leg hem.

Socks and undies are a debatable category! Some people recommend hanging on your portable clothesline by the toes or crotch to preserve the elastic in the bands, others think this will make these areas wear through faster.

Remove excess water from handwashing.

Clearly clothes will dry faster when not dripping wet. Remove excess moisture from hand washed garments by laying them flat on a towel before rolling them up and squeezing them out. The towel will absorb a substantial amount of water while preventing your clothes from looking crinkled and wrung out.

Organise as you hang clothes on your portable clothesline

Save time sorting by allocating a section of the portable clothesline to each person in your family, or if you live on your own, allocate each line to a particular type of clothing. Then as you unhang and fold the dry clothes they will be neatly ordered.

Go the extra mile with separate baskets for each family member that can be easily deposited in each person’s room.

Now that you have read our tips, hopefully you are feeling better about laundry days using a Mrs. Pegg’s clotheslines.

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