Portable Clothesline Keep Clothes Alive

Keep your Laundry Alive with a Portable Clothesline.

Electric Dryer Kills Clothes!

For whatever reason unfortunately some people still end up killing their clothes, sheets & towels by using dryers instead of our Portable Clothesline.  Dryers are expensive to run and are harmful to you, your family and our environment. Laundry should always be air-dried with our portable clothesline, Australia’s favourite clothes line – Mrs. Pegg’s Handyline

Don’t tumble dry Bras.

Bras use spandex and elastic to stretch and provide support. Unfortunately, high temperatures break down those materials and will quickly ruin the shape of the bra. Wash them correctly and hang them on a portable clothesline to help them maintain the optimum shape

Don’t tumble dry Leather, Suede, and Faux Leather.

Even if you’ve been caught in a downpour, it’s not a good idea to attempt to dry any type of leather even faux leather, in a clothes dryer. The high heat can cause the fabric to distort or crack. Hang wet leather goods to air-dry on a clothes airer away from direct heat or sunlight.

Don’t tumble dry Silk, Lingerie, and Delicate Fabrics.

Delicate fabrics like silk, lace, and sheer net should never go near the dryer. High heat can set in wrinkles that are almost impossible to remove. But the biggest danger is something like a zipper snagging the fabric and leaving a hole or pull. Dry them on our portable clothesline.

Don’t tumble dry Activewear.

Just like lingerie, most of today’s activewear is made from high-tech, man-made fibres designed to support muscles and wick away moisture during heavy exercise. To help these garments hold their shape and wicking qualities, avoid the dryer at all costs and allow them to air-dry on a clothes horse after washing.

Don’t tumble dry Sweaters/Jumpers.

Sweaters are created from knitted yarns that can lose their shape if washed incorrectly. And the final insult can come if they are tossed in a hot dryer. The heat can cause natural and man-made fibres to shrink or stretch and increases pilling. Returning a man-made fibre sweater to its original shape is impossible but some natural fibre sweaters can be saved so they can be worn again. Hang them on our clothes horse to be safe.

Don’t tumble dry Rubber-Backed Rugs and Mats.

Bathmats can harbor bacteria that spread athlete’s foot and odour; so they should be washed and disinfected often in hot water. However, they should never be put in the clothes dryer on high heat. The rubber backing can crumble and even melt. Portable clothes dryers won’t melt ya mat!

Don’t Kill ya Budgy!


Don’t tumble dry Swimwear.

Swimwear needs to be washed after every wearing to remove body soil, sunscreen oils, sand, salt, or chlorine. But after washing, allow it to air-dry. Dryer heat will cause the fabrics to distort and ruin that summer look! Air them on a portable clothesline.

Don’t tumble dry Hosiery.

Whether silk stockings, ballet tights, or wool socks, hosiery should always be air-dried to prevent shrinking, snags, and pilling.

 Sequined and Beaded Clothes.

If you have clothes or home accessories with sequins or beading, keep them away from the dryer. If the decorations are glued on, the heat can cause the glue to melt and some beads and sequins will become distorted. beads won’t het lost on our portable clothesline.

Don’t tumble dry Wool Clothes.

Some wool clothing can be tossed in the washer or hand washed easily at home. However, nothing wool should be placed in the dryer. Wool is a natural fibre from sheep or goats and the outer layer contains scales that interlock and shrink when subjected to excess moisture and high heat. Once the scales interlock, it can be quite difficult to return the fabric to its original size.

Don’t tumble dry Oily and Chemically-Stained Fabrics.

You probably won’t be washing a big load of oily, work rags but even a load of laundry that includes oily kitchen towels or clothes splashed with gasoline can cause a problem if you put them in the dryer. The high heat can cause any oils remaining in the fabric to combust and start a fire. Always air dry, on a portable clothes line preferably outside.

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